project::easiest crochet hats

I have whipped up two cute versions of this quick crochet hat, one in burgundy and on in grey (of course!) from this pattern. It's a great pattern, especially for beginners because the basic idea is a simple rectangle that is sewn up the side and gathered at the top...

The burgundy one is a charisma yarn (which I just discovered at Michael's and I really love, it is super soft!) done with a single crochet stitch and the grey is a thinner thrifted yarn in a double crochet stitch for a lighter, slouchier finished hat. Do you have any easy crochet hat patterns that you like? h&k, Mandi


  1. they look great Mandi! i like their simplicity!

  2. Cute! I really need to find my hooks and crochet myself one, my ears get soo cold, and bright red, on the walk to school in the morning.

  3. You are kind of really cute! Such pretty hats!