beach times are good times.

Just a shot from our our latest Sunday morning adventure...this was our first visit to one of our local beaches.  It was just good all around!  x Mandi  


i mostly just want to instagram stuff.

A lot of the time I find myself really just wanting to take pictures of stuff to share on instagram, like... say, my outfits while at work for some reason.  I was feeling summery today. PS - you can follow my photo taking @mandicoulter or through followgram if you like! x Mandi


find me in the country.

Well, we did it , we are officially moved!  Our new home still has a long way to go but it is getting there bit by bit!  While our internet was down for the last while I have also been doing a lot of thinking about blogging recently (or I guess NOT blogging really) and I have realised that I do still enjoy it but maybe want to take a simpler approach to it all.  Maybe more on that all another day, but for now lets just go with this! xo Mandi


at the moment...

It is summer here, we are packing and doing stuff at the new house non-stop and working too...all good reasons for a little blogging break right?  I think so and can possibly see a few more in the near future until the house and family are all settled.  I am a little worried what our internet will be like once we relocate but am still so excited for the move!  

Here are a few house related things that I have on my mind right now...

- these mats from IKEA, darn cute and the price is right!

- somehow getting one of these onto my property.  Sigh, someday. 

- this and this from UO and possibly diying this!  SO good.

- finding the perfect little book shelf, see here.  

- fire pits! Just can't wait!!

xo Mandi


happy early birthday, dear Clarky!

Tomorrow we are celebrating this little boys special day and I think that dinner out downtown and a visit to our new frozen yogurt place are on the agenda.  I have been working on a special gift for him (here and here) and I really hope he loves it and he can be even more super-super-duper in it than he already is! Happy Thursday! x Mandi 


an easy gathered waistline.

I thrifted this linen slip dress a little while back and decided that it just needed a few small alterations (like a gathered elastic waist and some strap shortening) to make it something cute and summery.  So here is how I do an easy gather around the middle!


note: you will also need a sewing machine!

1> measure your elastic to see how much you will need.  To do this hold it around the area where you want your gather to be (usually the small part of the waist) and add about a half an inch.

2> figure out where you want your gather on your garment.  I measured about 9.5 inches down from the armpit hem.

3> flip your garment inside out and have the front of it facing up.

4> we now want to mark where we will sew the elastic with the pins.  I measured 9.5 inches down on each side and stretched the elastic across marking on each end and in the middle with a pin.

5> using a zig zag stitch sew your elastic down, pulling it taught to gather the fabric as you go.  

6> once you get the front side done you can now just sew the elastic across the back joining it up with the beginning of the elastic.  Back stitch to secure elastic and cut off any excess.  Ta-da, now you are done and should have a semi-straight elasticy waist to enjoy! x Mandi


fill in the blank Friday (part 10)

It's Friday everybody!  See all the others here!

1.  Something that is very near and dear to my heart is  my boys, of course .
2.      Friday   is good cause to celebrate .
3.  The most fun I ever had was    doing anything spontaneous. Like day trips, camping, or fairs. lol
4.  True friends are   the ones you can say anything too and know that they will get where you are coming from.
5. Something that makes me terribly happy is    quite time.  A little calm goes a long way for me!
6. A good way to spend a sunny day is    hitting a few yard sales in the am, playing outdoors in the afternoon and a good bbq in the evening.
7.  My favorite celebratory food is   margaritas, or sangria!  Those are definitely "foods" when we celebrate ;)

x, Mandi