crafty/thrifty finds from last weekend...

Last week I was able to get in a little thrifting, both in town and in Picton, which is my new favourite because of the awesome prices and craft supplies! Funny story: I managed to almost be left in the little thrift store there after closing when the volunteers didn't come to check the 2nd floor before closing up! I came down stairs at 4:15 to find them doing up the cash for the day and getting ready to leave. I had a teeny panic attack when I though they weren't going to let me buy all of the stuff I had just found, but I was able to dig up exact change and leave with my goods! Awwww small town, elderly volunteers...I guess they thought the store was empty and I was just glad to not be locked in over night :)

So this is a shot of all my fabric, lace, yarns and pretty quilting bits from said trips! I know it is not staged nicely and everything is just dumped on the bed but that is what it reaaaalllly looks like when I get home and it all still does need to be put away. I think Jason did manage to move it to my sewing desk and that was probably his little hint for me to clean up after myself without actually saying it :)
If you like thrifty posts, take a peek at this one I did here and I'll also have another etsy favourites tomorrow, so come back and take a look at that too! h&k, Mandi

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  1. lol if you got locked in you could have really searched through their supplies - I bet they have a room full of stuff not on out on the floor yet