my Instax camera works! yay!!

I just had to share how excited I am that my Instax camera (bought at a yardsale this summer for $5) actually works! I got two packages of film as part of my Christmas gift from Jason but just got around to testing it out a little while ago and these are the cute photos that the boys and I managed to get. I forgot how fun it is to watch instant film develop! That is a shot of one our little dogs Lola and you may already know Clark and Caden, who are on the mend from their past two sick days :)

I also want to mention this little shout out here, go take a looksee...thank you so much Miss P! h&k, Mandi


  1. aw, I'm sure they'll love having these photos when they get older! my parents have a few polaroids of me with my sisters when we were little and I really treasure them!