me made march week 1 and a winner!

So it looks like I made it through the first week of
me made march! It was a work week and my outfit choices were a little rushed at 6:30 AM but I am happy to be taking part and spending my days in me made items. I have definitely decided that I am going to take the weekends off though and maybe I cheated a little on day 4 (do earrings count? I did make them myself) but besides that I am feeling good about doing 24 more days with a little wardrobe planning and usage of restyled things. Now I just need to get my photos in better shape and I'll be set!

I also have a giveaway winner - #78, imasupergirl! Congrats and I'll be in touch soon. h&k, Mandi


  1. Wow, congrats on making it through the week! So impressive!

  2. way to go Mandi! that's pretty darn good making it through your first week. Earrings count in my book! I couldn't even begin to do that challenge. Or I could but I'd be mighty cold. :)

  3. great job! your outfits looks great :)