new boots and a photography trick...

thrifted lace up boots - $5

Here's a little trick to use when shooting high, floppy boots...
put a glass in each and they will stand proud and tall!

I read something recently about storing boots with wine bottles inside to help them keep their shape and I thought of that when trying to photograph these.

I want to wear these with everything floral this spring! I'll also have shots of the rest of my thrifted finds from this week for you and me made march week 2 coming up soon. Hope your weekend is starting off swell! h&k, Mandi


  1. oh, how I would love to find a deal like these! they are adorable!!!! I WANT some too!! :)
    have a wonderful weekend.

  2. gorgeous boots!!! i'm looking for a pair like these!! perhaps i'll go thrifting! :) Happy Weekend!

  3. Super cute boots! I put old magazines rolled up in mine! and yeah... the raisin bran thing.. total bummer. its SO delicious and now I know why lol

  4. Great find!! Good idea with the glasses too :)

  5. haha i have several pairs of tall boots and they have either a rolled up magazine or a wine bottle in each boot to keep them standing up!

  6. love the boots!! very clever using glass...I sometimes stuff my boots with tissue paper, but love the glass idea!


  7. Great find! I found some Steve Madden cowboy boots at Sal Army recently. So excited for spring dresses with boots too!

  8. I have been searching for boots like those at thrift & vintage stores all over!! no luck for me so far, but I'm happy for you! i LOVE them.
    such lovely blog you have. happy to have 'clicked' over.