can't nobody slow them down, oh no. they got to keep on movin'.

We are having a rainy day at home today but that has not put a damper on these two little boys energy! We have a busy weekend coming up with family dinners and an Easter egg hunt we are planning so a day in to relax and hopefully work on a few projects is in order. Long days at home can be trying so we are finding ways to keep ourselves entertained and tear free...at least until nap time! Happy Wednesday everyone, is it rainy where you are?

Oooo and if you like giveaways I am taking part in this super cute one...go take a look, maybe it will brighten up your day! h&k, Mandi


  1. Such cute pictures. I've been taking monthly pic's of my 10 month old on the couch and the past few months they've all been a blur :)

  2. Good luck with the little rascals! I know how those days can be, I was recently visiting my family and my nieces and nephew were on spring break, staying with my mom all day. Oi! It's been really rainy and dreary here too...and cold!