me made march::the last week

Well holy moly, March totally flew by and with it the month of all things me made! Between new jobs, sick children (Clark is recovering from pneumonia right now and Caden is on the mend from a cold) and whatever this nasty bug is that Jason and I are now fighting I have fallen too too far behind to even remember which outfits are which days...but here is my last MMM post nonetheless!

:blogged here before:

:another floral top:

:lace yoked shirt:

:bib necklace:

I had so much fun taking part in this challenge and hope you did too! It definitely re-sparked my passion for sewing and I will have a new garment post coming up soon as well as a few home inspiration posts and a fun new etsy favourites for Friday! h&k, Mandi


  1. such super cute stuff, as always! i hope the family feels better!!!

  2. Sickness always messes up all routine in our home.... My hub is a teacher and brings home all the germs and most of the time we shrug them off, but this winter was nuts!