project::thrifted tray makeover

I had been searching around for a while for a cute way to display instant photos and after some internet browsing and inspiration from sparkle power, goodhousekeeping and the best nesst I had found a great little solution...


I thrifted this tray for $1 and gave it a few coats of krylon spraypaint and just added a few magnets and pictures and a pretty paper heart [and if you are interested the owl and vase are both thrifted as well and the daffodil is from our yard].


I really like that you can switch out the pictures and items on display and mix it up to even make it seasonal or holiday themed. I am picturing it with vintage Christmas cards and paper snowflakes already! h&k, Mandi


  1. This makes me want to go buy some spray paint :)

  2. nice work, this looks awesome.
    ps. thanks for stopping by my blog. its lovely to meet you. so lovely to hear you liked my dress restyle.

  3. this is brillant! I can't wait to find a tray!! anything I can spray paint I am in. this is fantastic.

  4. Mandi, the low in Portland just got above 30 degrees. Give me summer before we talk of Christmas! lol

    Super cute dyi!

  5. I almost bought that same colour spray paint for the lamp in my room

  6. This turned out so cute! What a beautiful {and simple} DIY-- thanks for sharing :)

  7. Ooooh, I love it! That color is fantastic. So cute!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda