little boys and long locks

Up untill a little while ago Caden had adorable blonde curls that only run on Jason's side. That kind of cute, wispy hair that got him called a girl quite often even if he was dressed in obviously boyish attire (like plaid shirts and cargo shorts). That didn't really bother me and I figured he would only get to have this kind of hair for so long so I decide to wait it out...but Jason's persistence won and Caden ended up with his first haircut at a family dinner from my cousin Keri.


suiting up

all set

and done!

He was so good through it and only needed one chocolate chip cookie as bribery and now he looks like a brand new little boy. What do you think of wee lads and longer hair? If you have boys do you keep it short or let them grow it wild and free? h&k, Mandi


  1. Aww, so cute. I left my son's hair until he was two and once we cut it the curls never came back. But fresh cut hair on a toddler is adorable ;)

  2. He's very sweet with his new haircut. My little one (who's 7) alternates between short and shaggy. I like both looks! I like the freshness of a new cut but I love the freedom of the shagginess...

  3. He looks great! Every little boy I know cries so much when they get their hair cut, its so great to see at least one doesnt! It'll give me hope for mine... in the super far future!