patterns are p r e t t y!

I thrifted these two patterned blankets one morning earlier this week while trying to kill some time before a house showing and I really like both and couldn't pass them up when I noticed they were both king size. I usually find king size bedding hard to come by so I was excited to see these for cheap, especially for our overpriced local Value Village!

The first is a lightweight comforter with fake hexagon quilting that will be nice for summer and the second is a vintage floral flat sheet that may or may not have some restyle plans in it's future...

I also scooped up some large knitting needles and a few circular ones for whenever I get back to working on those knitting skills. I will have another thrifted things post coming up soon too, I have kind of found my thrifting zone again lately and have some cute and colourful stuff to share! Happy Friday everyone! h&k, Mandi

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