a weekend in phone photos

It has been a bit since I have done a weekend photos post and we had a pretty nice long one here so I thought it was about time. I was lucky enough to have four days off and the weather was beautiful and I kind of could not believe that it was already the 20th when I went back into the hospital for my shift this morning! This summer is flying by but we are really trying to make the most of it....

This weekend we:

-tried to have our first beach day but couldn't swim because the water was too slimy (a sad start but we had lots more fun the rest of the weekend)

-made a trip to Lowe's and Fabricland for a fun diy project

-met with a builder about possibly building a modular home

-had some little faces painted and hit a few yard sales

-made pb&j's in the backyard and ate them at our picnic table

-had two bbq's with family
(one on Saturday night and one on Sunday for Father's Day)

-did a super quick house cleaning for a showing, but they cancelled
(another slightly sad part, but I am telling myself these are the annoyances of having your home for sale and hopefully it won't last too long)

Have you been making your summer moments count? h&k, Mandi

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