project:: summer top restyle

I had mentioned here a while ago a little something about a restyle project that I had been working on and shown a peak and here we finally have it! I found this XXL button up at a local thrift shop for just a few bucks and loved the colours and softness of the fabric and decided to take a shot at a little shirt makeover...

As you can see it was very large so I had lots of fabric to work with!

I reversed the whole shirt and used the pleat in the back as the center front and salvaged the cuffs of the sleeves and turned them into the straps. It is now a comfy pull on top that I have been getting lots of wear out of!

It is light and airy and is the same kind of idea as a shirt restyle that I had done in the past that you can check out on craftstylish if you like too! Have you been working on any summer restyle projects and do you check out this group as much as I do? h&k, Mandi


  1. this turned out so cute!!! Love it!

  2. That's so cute! I love seeing restyles of clothing, mostly because I'm too useless to do it myself! Great job on it!

  3. Very good makeover! I got a few things from the thrift shop I want to do the same thing to. Just haven't gotten around to it yet :) Found your blog through Etsy by the way and I love it!

  4. What awesome restyle! It looks great! :D