Happy Spots in My Home

Hi there! I'm Jessi from Sparrows and Arrows, Mandi's sister in law. While she's on holidays she asked me to do a guest post and suggested I do Smile & Wave's Happy Spots in Your Home Challenge. So I tried my best to get pictures that weren't cluttered by the mess of my 3 girls!

We live in a old small but cosy house, with things like stone walls, original hardwood flooring (the nice wide kind) and claw foot tub, things that give it character and make it unique. It's a work in progress, a fixer uper but we like it - and here are some of my favourite places in it :)

Old crate for wool with thrifted cross stitch. I put wool there for the picture.
It will be another year or so before I can keep it there without my youngest pulling them out

I really love the old window frame with butterfly garland, positioned with the vintage gilded lamp

my kitchen is my favourite - I love all the colours and especially like this counter with all it's reds
I worked so hard on that damask wall - it will be years before I let her paint over it!
I also made all the bedding/curtains
old claw foot tub - it's a good thing I like it, it would be impossible to get it out of the house!
kids messes can make me happy sometimes

I like this view from my living room - where you can see the stone wall - wood plank ceilings and embroidery hoop wall
Thanks for letting me share a little tour of the Happy Places in my home! What are you favourite parts of your house?

- Jessi


  1. I love the idea of using an old crate for yarn! I'm going to copy that :)

  2. wow, awesome house! I love the stone walls!