fill in the blank Friday (part 3)

Here we go with week 3, make sure you check out all of the other fill-in-the-blankers here!

1. One thing that is completely superfluous, but that I could never give up is
nailpolish and new hair products. I am not an extravagant shopper but those are little things I really like!
2. Being the center of attention makes me feel awkward.
3. I can't function in the am without caffeine.
4. Cheese, crackers and apples (with the boys) is my favorite snack.
5. Lately I've been loving Pinterest!! Seriously, I lovvvve it.
6. If at first you don't succeed just keep trying - practice makes perfect.
7. Fall is so pretty and I am excited that it is near!

h&k, Mandi

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  1. I liked your answers! I am with you on the nail polish and hair products!