phone photos> recap!

Just thought I would share a few phone photos from the last few weeks, I am still loving my new(ish) phone and have been trying out all of the effects and different camera applications. My favourite is LittlePhoto but I also like the Retro Camera and FxCamera too!

photo 1/Caden and I on our back step, this is edited with the star falling effect
photo 2/the boys and the quilt that Jason and I constantly disagree on (I love it! He doesn't.)
photo 3/pretty paint chips, we collected some orange ones for a little Halloween craft project
photo 4/at Lowe's. main reason we shop there - car carts!!
photo 5/salmon au gratin dinner from last night, I am making an attempt at more home cooking and less prepackaged food these days!
photo 6/fisher price ambulance, just for Jason (He's a paramedic).
h&k, Mandi


  1. I have retro camera and vignette demo on my phone and love them! I will need to check out the other ones! :)

  2. i think that dinner looks awesome!!! send me the recipe! btw...i like the quilt.

  3. Looks like life has been pretty fun as of late! I am a fan of the quilt. Tell him that. :)

  4. i think the salmon picture is taken with the vignette demo! and sarah, it is a recipe i pulled from a magazine recently, it is salmon, potato, broccoli all done in the oven. with cheese, of course!