holiday time Tuesday (week 2)

Well hi everyone, it is me Mandi posting for holiday time Tuesday (no guest blogger today, but we do have something planned for next week!) and I wanted to share this super simple holiday wreath with you. So here is how I made it!

Supplies: a wreath form (I had a wire one I spraypainted mint a while back), any type of tree garland and pom poms that you can make yourself like this. How to: wrap garland around form and secure with hot glue. Make your pom poms leaving the tails long and tie around form arranging them however you like and secure with a dot of glue. I like that you can mix and match colours for this little project and add as many pom poms as you want! Enjoy! x Mandi

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  1. cute idea! i have a couple random lengths of garland but not enough to cover a tree and this would put those to good use!