this week and my quilting news!

I am proud to finally show you my very first quilting block, a log cabin in blue, orange and grey that I made in my quilting class here! It was so much fun to pick fabrics and put it together and I have since completed three others (all on my own for homework!) for our first small project. We have now moved on to a small sampler quilt that I think may make a good Christmas gift for one of the little girls in my life. After all I can not make a quilt for just one of the boys and not the other, right? And I just really wanted to use some of the pretty florals that I have stashed around here!

This week we: worked a lot, shopped for Caden's birthday present, had our family photos done, enjoyed Jason's new recipe for chicken parmigiana, thrifted some pretty Christmas ornaments and started to finalize some holiday guests posts that will be coming up on the blog! Sooo excited!

This weekend we are: having a clothing swap party, possibly trying to hit the Santa Clause parade and hoping to get more quilting done! Have a very happy weekend friends! h&k, Mandi


  1. I was just thinking this last week to make a log cabin quilt. I am NOT a quilter but have dreams of wrapping my sweet babes in quilts made with my own two hands! My sister in law keeps assuring me that the log cabin is easy but I have my doubts!

  2. Nice job on the quilt! It looks great so far and I love the color combo.