p. runway and a little miss piggy!

So, I just have to ask...do you all love Project Runway like I do? I have never posted about the show before but I have seen every season ever I believe (including the Canadian, Australian and UK versions) and I will say that this all star group is just as good!! I do miss Heidi, Nina, Michael and Tim of course, but I am guessing they will be back for the next regular season. Fingers crossed!!

Thoughts on this episode...

>>If I were one of the designers I would have nooo idea what type of dress/outfit to make for Miss Piggy.

>>Mondo had a major miss, which is so so rare for him!!

>>Austin Scarlett better stick around for a while, he gives me way too many laughs for him to go home yet!

>>I think it should have been Miss Mila packing up her workspace, not Jordana!

What are your opinions? Do you have a fave to win this season?? x Mandi


  1. I am beyond obsessed with PR...although I still can't get used to Joanna instead of Tim, I love the all stars...especially since my 2 all time faves are on this season! I actually loved Mila's design but I agree it wasn't appropriate for MP....What I don't always understand is the obsession with Michael C. Some weeks his dresses are gorgeous but some weeks, including one he won for, I just didn't get it! PS- I <3 your blog-following now :)
    XO Lori

  2. LoriLynn, I know Michael C is so hit or miss for me! I am going to watch last weeks episode tonight!! Yay!!

  3. I didn't love this episode! I do love Austin though, he makes me laugh too. Mondo and Michael are other faves of mine too. Mila should definitely go home, I'm bored with her and her boring clothes.