an easy gathered waistline.

I thrifted this linen slip dress a little while back and decided that it just needed a few small alterations (like a gathered elastic waist and some strap shortening) to make it something cute and summery.  So here is how I do an easy gather around the middle!


note: you will also need a sewing machine!

1> measure your elastic to see how much you will need.  To do this hold it around the area where you want your gather to be (usually the small part of the waist) and add about a half an inch.

2> figure out where you want your gather on your garment.  I measured about 9.5 inches down from the armpit hem.

3> flip your garment inside out and have the front of it facing up.

4> we now want to mark where we will sew the elastic with the pins.  I measured 9.5 inches down on each side and stretched the elastic across marking on each end and in the middle with a pin.

5> using a zig zag stitch sew your elastic down, pulling it taught to gather the fabric as you go.  

6> once you get the front side done you can now just sew the elastic across the back joining it up with the beginning of the elastic.  Back stitch to secure elastic and cut off any excess.  Ta-da, now you are done and should have a semi-straight elasticy waist to enjoy! x Mandi


  1. oh this is one of my favorite ways to alter clothing! But I always wing it, thanks for the guidance!

  2. it is such a good way to alter something! i am sure there are much more technically correct ways to do it, this is just my easy way :)