me made march::week 3

Here we go...on to week 3 everyone!

Last week I was training for my new job (yay!!) and I learned after my first day that we are allowed to wear jeans (more yays!!)...so here is how it went down with casual training wear as our theme! I wore me made shirts all week - day 12 was a sheer floral peasant blouse, day 13 a plaid yoked top, day 14 another sheer floral blouse and day 15 was an oldish knitwear top. I missed out on day 16 (Friday) as I spent the day power cleaning my house and crafting. I am sad to have missed my first week day for the month but I got so much done it was worth it.

:day 12 top:

:day 14 top:

I am starting to get a better grip on my photos too (minus day 15. ha!) and I have realised that overhead lighting is not a good idea that early in the AM and I am now trying to get shots after work when the sun is still about. I am also loving the time change now that we are all adjusted, tonight it was still light at 7:30! Awesome right? Anyways, I hope you are still enjoying me made march if you are taking part because we are nearing the end and don't have much longer to go! h&k, Mandi


  1. Wow, good for you!!! I love day 14's top! Such pretty fabric and style :)

  2. i can't believe you made all of those! they are gorgeous!!

  3. you are the cutest craftiest thing ever!

  4. aw cute tops! love the outfits!

  5. I love all these tops, esp day 13. Very inspiring. I'm working up the courage to sew for myself :)

  6. I'm super impressed!!!

    And yay for casual work environments, I wear jeans to work a lot too! <3