ready for red?

Such a pretty photo...originally seen here.
I have a hair appointment tomorrow and have been thinking about going red. Should I take the plunge?? I am about 80% decided on yes.
h&k, Mandi


  1. I loooove it! I almost went totally red at the salon yesterday.. but chickened out! I went with a dark brown with reddish tint.. but not out and out red. Someday I will!! I love that color.. you could totally pull it off!

  2. I say YES!!! I love doing something new/different with my hair, although right now I'm growing it and there's not a lot of different things you can do with long hair, but all of a sudden I'm gonna do something totally different, it's gonna be fun!

  3. Lovely colour! I would go for it!

  4. Do it!!!! I know it would look to die for gorgeous on you....wish I could pull it off!
    Share pictures too, of course! :)