home style::boys bedrooms

Now that we are in the midst of trying to sell our house I have been thinking a lot lately about the idea of having the boys share a bedroom once we find a new house. Right now they each have their own room and we also have a spare/sewing room but that may not be the case when we move so I am starting the process now of browsing for bedroom inspiration! Here are some ideas and images that I love, all via pinterest.

What do you think about kids sharing bedrooms? Did you bunk with a sibling when you were small or do you currently have your own little ones sharing a space? Leave me a comment here if you have any advice or experiences, I would love to hear your suggestions! h&k, Mandi


  1. My sister and I shared a room for a few years (age 4-7 or so) and LOVED it! What I remember most is having our beds on opposite walls (but still close together) and we would jump from one bed to the other. My parents also kept it interesting by moving our furniture around a lot, so we went from having separate beds to bunk beds to pushing our beds together and making one big bed.

    I hope the home selling/purchasing isn't too stressful for you!

  2. I love seeing cute little rooms with two single beds. They are so cute! My sister and I shared when we were kids but we had bunk beds. I think 2 singles looks so much cuter but you would need a bigger room.

  3. My brothers shared a room when we were little, I think it gave them good bonding experiences. They were always building forts, causing chaos and being boys... but they were doing it together.

    These inspirations are all very cute!... I mean... manly! lol