quilted l o v e restyle peak

I have been scoring lots of quilting supplies at yardsales and thrift stores lately, like big boxes of pretty vintage floral fabrics, pre-cut triangles, a few completed squares and lots of other pretty things that I couldn't resist. I spent quite a bit of time last week while we were away thinking/dreaming about what I wanted to do with some of my finds and here is a peak at a restyle I have been working on! I am planning on hopefully taking my first quilting class in the fall so I am happy to start building up a little stash of supplies and am thinking about types of beginner quilts I would want to make for the boys. Are you a quilter? Do you have any suggestions for simple starter quilts? h&k, Mandi


  1. Great blog you have here! I took a quilting class when I was 12 so I could quilt with my mom. We have 3 quilt tops between the two of us but never finished the quilting. Yikes! It has been 14 years since that class. It was a ton of fun. Guess I am so busy with crochet right now it will be a while till I get back to those quilts. Love the fabrics you have and look forward to seeing the quilts you will make! =)

  2. Oh it's gonna be pretty I can tell! I like quilting too but ever only do the simplest designs as. I haven't graduated to the more complicated kinds yet. A quilting class sounds GREAT! Should probably do that one day too...