preschool diaries::a trial run!

Earlier this week Clark and I ventured out to check out a local co-operative preschool to see if it was something we would be interested in having him do. The idea came up recently when a friends son started attending nursery school in their area and I realized that school days really are not that far away for him!

After a few moments of initially scoping out the place, he warmed up to all of the activities that where happening and seemed to really enjoy the play doh area, circle time and playing with all of the other kids. He was sad that we left right at snack time though and I assured him we would come back for that again!

I was able to take the chance to talk with the school coordinator and the other mom on her duty day and I am now pretty excited to hopefully be able to take part in his learning in that co-operative atmosphere. As a mom I know I spend a lot of time with the kids just trying to get through our daily tasks and don't always get a c
hance to sit and just play with the boys and have that kid time, so I am looking forward to that! I honestly also won't complain about having three hours twice a week to spend a little time with our younger one...or uhhh alone in the sewing room, whichever it may be! h&k, Mandi


  1. Was it the Complex Co-operative Nursery School? We were just looking into that for Emily (for next Fall, when she is 3). I'd be interested to hear more about it! I'm not sure that Emily would be as excited as Clark is though -- she's very anxious with strangers and in public places.

  2. it was nathalie! i really liked what we saw but we were only there for about an hour..i'll let you know more if he ends up going there! we can be nursery buddies!