guest post::dee construction!

Hello Make It Dear readers! my name is Dee and i have a blog over at dee*construction and i'm so excited that Mandi has asked me to share a holiday post with you.

so here's an easy DIY for...

wrapping paper...or...paper star

the choice is yours!

here's how:

1. you will need: red stamp pad, bubble wrap cut to the size of your red stamp pad and vintage music sheets.

2. press bubble wrap firmly and evenly on stamp pad.

3. stamp in sections until page is entirely covered (4.)

if you want to use it for wrapping paper, stop now

if you have extra, or would like to make the star, please continue..

5. cut 6 pages to square and fold twice diagonally.

6.cut 3-4 strips parallel to the longest(open) side of your folded square.

7. open out and join strips (alternating to the left and right) with glue or tape. {more detailed tutorial here}

8. join all 6 pieces together in the middle and hang.

i hope this has sparked some festive inspiration!

and thanks so much Mandi for having me!




  1. These are fab Dee...I really love the star :)

  2. Very cute! I like the clothespin with the tag! :)

  3. Gorgeous, I wish I was this talented. My wrapped presents look like they were done by a five year old

  4. omg bubble wrap as a stamp!? genius!