diy::easy crochet headband

We are finally having some very wintery weather here (freezing rain that equalled a pajama day for us today) so I figured it was about time to share this little project!

I made this gathered headband way back before Christmas out of two balls of wool (a grey one and a white one) and it consists of just two pieces - the main section and the gathering piece so it is super easy and could even be knitted if that is more your thing! So here is how I did it!

main section: make a chain about 5.5" long, roughly 16 stitches. Single crochet rows until you have a band long enough to fit around your head. Slip stitch the ends together. You will now have a basic crochet headband and just need to make your gathering piece.

gathering piece: chain 6 stitches, single crochet until you have a small strip about 5" long. You will now use this piece to wrap around your headband to get the gathered effect.

assembly: pinch main section together where you have joined the ends and wrap the smaller piece around it. Sew ends of small piece together with needle and thread. You can also put in a few stitches to secure the smaller piece to the main headband if you like. That's it!! x Mandi


  1. Wow, love your turban - it´s perfect for winter! We have our own evening version, perfect for winter parties. Check it out here - http://etralalondon.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/diy-turban-tutorial.html