on buying land and building...

We did it! We bought our land (in the fall actually) and I never got around to posting about it here but we are very excited! It's a 7 acre lot north of the city and we will begin to build on it in the spring. We are just getting into really picking out our model and thinking about what we want in a home now that the holidays are over and we have time to focus a little more. It is a modular home that we will be putting on the property and I was hesitant to say the least at first, but after walking through a few models the idea of an affordable new home with a garage in a spot that we love definitely grew on me. I was initially concerned with the house being so obviously modular/boxy looking but I am hoping that we will find ways to eventually make it look unique and add some character. I kind of have fantasies of somehow relocating old barns onto the property to make it feel more rustic! haha.

Now that we have decided where we want to be (which is totally the fun part) we will soon be headed back into the dreaded territory of re-listing our house. I am NOT looking forward to this part but know it is necessary to get where we want to be and am trying to focus on the positives, like having the chance to clear out the house and stage it a little more this time around. I am just hoping it will be a quick process this time! x Mandi


  1. Wow, 7 acres! How exciting! I definitely think you'll be able to add charm and character to your new build. It's a fun process (albeit sometimes stressful and a lot of work) to see your house be built just for you. I hope it goes well and that your house sells quickly!

  2. thanks Nathalie! i am excited and nervous!