quilts are always good.

After browsing through my phone photos a few nights ago I found these shots that I thought had somehow gotten deleted and I realized I had never shared my finished quilt with you guys! This is the one that was made in my first quilting class (past post here) and this is how it turned out.

This sampler was a Christmas gift for my niece and it was really fun to work with the feminine colours! I did feel a teeny bit bad about not having my very first completed quilt go to one of the boys but I am keeping track of all the ideas I have for them with a pretty pinterest board. I especially love this quilt and this one too!

And just a little note, Clark and Caden really do usually wear shirts! They seem to make a lot of appearances here without them, which I am sure they will just love in their older years! Haha! I do believe this was amidst changing into their jammies though and you gotta take the shots when you can get them, right? x Mandi

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