tributes and treasures!

This was a super super long week (I worked everyday at the hospital, and I normally only work two or three days a week - phew glad that is over!!) but I was able to make it to a friends Stella and Dot party last night and I am so glad I went. I had been browsing a little online and knew they had some really pretty pieces, like this and these but I had my eye on this tribute bracelet below. I love the mix of rose gold and beading and probably was also drawn in by the name!

I just finished up book two of The Hunger Games after hearing so much about them and they are so good! I am sure you have all already read them but I just got a Kobo touch a few weeks ago and can seriously not put it down. It is fun to actually have a book to discuss with Jason since he read it before me and because we never ever have the same tastes in books!

I am pretty excited for the movie to come out! Maybe a date night could be in our future. x Mandi


  1. I think I need to read more... everyone is talking about these books/movie... great blog {and your boys are adorbs... is Clark the one wearing the Superman shirt? love it}

  2. lol yes he is!! that was not planned but is funny now that you mention it :)