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Today we are cleaning and painting in preparation for re-listing our house (see past posts here and here on that!) and since I am so far behind and have not done a single thing for Valentines Day I have asked a friend to share a special diy post here with you!! Enjoy!

Helllooooo friends of make it dear! I'm Renee and I ramble on about crafty things and vintage and probably take too many photos over at
ohrenee*design! When Mandi emailed me about sharing a Valentines DIY I knew exactly what I wanted to share. This little project has been on my mind since Christmas! I promise it won't take long and you'll have something pretty for your table, windowsill or bedroom when you're finished. I love changing decor throughout my house during the year and it's always fun to have something versatile (and cheap) that can stay awhile too! I think I may keep these up for while I hope for spring. :)

All you need is a few glass votives or jars, a bottle of Mod Podge and some pretty fabric hearts. I cut mine from vintage sheeting and a pillowcase because I wanted a thinner material that would allow light to filter through. After I finished this project I realized how much fun making flowers or polka dots would be too. I always have lots of fabric scraps on hand and need something to do with them!

After cutting your fabric hearts, place them on the jar. Then very carefully apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over top. I spread mine out a bit farther than probably necessary but use your own discretion.

I only needed one coat. Let dry for thirty minutes and enjoy! See?! Easy peasy. :)

Thanks again, Mandi, for having me over to share this little project!! Happy Valentine's Day! ~Renee