a new cut for momma!

I finally got around to getting myself to the hair salon last week and I am so happy I did because I actually decided to go ahead and cut some bangs! I have had bang envy for so long, especially after seeing pretty brunette ladies like this and this but was a little concerned about the maintenance and the fact that they may drive me crazy (I also always have slight hair cut anxiety but love love love my stylist and always feel good in her hands!) but I am really glad I went ahead and did it. So this is how my new look turned out!

I have stocked up on some new styling products and am pretty stoked for a messy top bun! What do you think about bangs, are they a yes or a no for you? xo Mandi


  1. I love your bangs! I just grew my bangs out because I hated them and now I am wanting them back! I love them when I don't have them and hate them when I do. I am so tempted to just hack off my hair now as we speak!

  2. cute, i got bangs a while back and they are so long right now, I'm almost thinking about growing them out...until I see cute bangs again...off to trim my bangs!!