happy easter weekend, friends!

natural egg dyes, found here

We are just headed into a four day long weekend here and are excited for some egg dying with Jessi, a little chill time and an egg hunt that we are hosting too! I am really hoping the weather will be hospitable for our get together on Monday, all though it is definitely calling for rain. So fingers crossed even if it does drizzle a little the kids will be too pumped to notice and won't freeze since it is supposed to be warm. I have some outdoor decor planned and am pretty excited to hide chocolates, eggs and other goodies for the kiddos!

In other news, my phone has been sent away for repairs (tearsss!) and since it is my go-to for blog photos you may notice a few less personal pics around here. So I guess I will just be doing a lot of pinterest borrowing for the time being. Or more than usual, I suppose. Thank youuu, pinterest for all you do! Haha.

Also, we are in full on "terrible two" mode with Caden. He has always been more of the needy child in our house but has now become so emotional and demanding -- and has more tantrums in a day than I would like to count! I know it is a phase and Clark totally went through it too, but it sure does take a lot of patience some days! And a LOTTTT of deep breaths. Sighhh...have you been through this stage? How did you survive? Any tips are fully appreciated.

Hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend! x Mandi

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