two little ghosties, i see!

We have been pretty busy around here this last week with trick or treating, quilting classes, work and looking into buying land for a new house but here are a few quick Halloween shots of the boys! They went out as ghosts and wore little capes made by me, white mittens and grey track suits. It was a bit of a whirlwind of door-to-door action and was over too quick, but we had a great time!

This weekend we are 100% taking it easy, we travelled almost every weekend last month and November and December are quickly filling up too so we are just relaxing today and have no ambitious plans. I may try and get some of my quilting homework done during nap time (I have three log cabin blocks to complete! yikes!), but that is all. Happy Saturday! h&k, Mandi

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  1. cute little ghosts!!

    buying land...that is a little dream my husband and i have had for quite a while.

    yea for you and your land!!