hello 2012!

After a full day of recovery yesterday from all of the New Year's festivities I am thinking about resolutions a little bit this morning. I have never been huge on setting lots of resolutions but here are a few of my goals for the upcoming year!

:Sell our house and move to the country!
I am not sure if I ever mentioned this here but we actually did buy land that will be ours in the spring. Can't wait to pick colours and design! Now we just need to sell this house!

:Start Clark in preschool, I can't believe he will be going to real school in Sept!
We took him for a test run a few months ago at a local co-op nursery school and he loved it, so he will possibly be headed there this month.

:Get serious about taking some type of higher sewing education.

This one I am super excited about and am looking around at all of my options! If anyone has been to or has tips on any schools/programs in the Kingston and Toronto area I would love to hear from you!

:Figure out how to get Caden to sleep through the night again.
This should be at the top of the list and it really is, this boy has been fighting sleep for months! We have a set of bunk beds coming today and are going to put the boys in the same room and hopefully this will help! Fingers crossed!!

Have you made goals for yourself for 2012? Leave me a link here if you did, I would love to read yours! x Mandi


  1. Congratulations on buying land! You hadn't mentioned it and I was wondering how the house sale was going. Good luck!

  2. thanks Nathalie! We are listing the house again soon and hoping it sells fast this time :)