busy, busy times.

Well it has been quite around the blog lately and I am really hoping to get back into a posting groove soon but here are a few things I wanted to share with you all, some biggish news and just some other little updates!

: Our land is officially ours as of yesterday, we are all too excited and a little nervous (I think Jason may even start to sleep again at night soon)!!

: Me and these two cool ladies have decided to hit the craft fair scene again this summer and will be vending at an event this June! Wooohoo!

: I have been pinning lots of meals and supper options lately and have been trying to spice up our food related lives! This recipe is next up. YUM.

: We have had a string of sickness in the house that I have so far managed to avoid. The boys are mostly better at this point so I am seriously hoping I am in the clear!

: There is a fun restyle project that I have just finished up that I'm kinda bursting to share and hopefully will be able to soon. (HINT HINT-- think colour blocking. OH yeah!)

xo, Mandi


  1. WOW, congratulations on the land. That is a dream for my husband and I. This past weekend we did a little drive to look around at different areas.
    So exciting for you guys!!

    Just started pinning...so much fun!!
    I will have to check yours out!

  2. thanks, we are pretty excited about the land and the idea of country life in general! yes, i will check you out on pinterest too!