diy colour block top!

I had been seeing a lot of pretty colour blocking styles around for a while and really wanted to try out a project of my own and here it finally is! I found this thrifted top in my closet that I do like (soft fabric and pretty button closure at the back) but it never really got any wear. So it was decided that she would serve me much better with a little makeover. Here is how boxy got a restyle!

HOW TO: First, I cut the shirt into four separate pieces (front, back and two sleeves) and left all of the finished edges intact. Next, I cut my contrast colour into the shape of the bottom half of the front of the shirt. I went from just above my bust for the second colour. Then I sewed the shirt all back together in the same basic shape it was before. So now it fits a little better and has a pretty navy blue bottom to hang around with!

I also added a rounded hem that turned out a little wavy and it is only driving me slightly crazy that there is a string hanging off the bottom of it! Haha oh well. I think I am still pretty happy with it! x Mandi