project::vintage inspired bunting

Things around here have been a little hectic lately with potty training, house showings and settling back into a post-cottage routine but I still have been able to fit in a few moments of crafting here and there and have been making up strings of these little buntings...

These came about when I recently needed an easy in-office decorating idea for a co-workers birthday and once strung up at work they did the trick - they received lots of compliments and I actually ended up giving them to her as part of her gift too, which made me happy!

I used pre-cut triangles that I picked up on this thrifting trip and some vintage lace and just pinking sheared the edges and sewed them all together - so simple! I have since made two more since they are so easy and sweet and I just really wanted to start working with my pretty quilting stash. You can also see what it all looked before here too if you are interested! h&k, Mandi

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  1. i love the edges on those triangles, too. so pretty! i'm thinking about some bunting for my workspace...i need something colorful.